Hello, my name is Eric Crane and I would like to take a moment of your time to tell you about some exciting
services/products that are helping builders and homeowners alike when wanting to build
green and energy
homes without the burden of higher cost.  Spray Applied Cellulose and Foam Insulations along with
using other cutting edge sciences and techniques allows for a healthier,  safer indoor air environment.  
Advanced Thermal Concepts, LLC has been helping others in the community for more than five years in the
middle and west Tennessee markets.                                        

Here are the services that we can provide to help builders build more energy efficient homes without the burden
of higher costs:
* Cellulose Insulation.  Spray applied recycled newspaper that is often the most practical insulation of choice
when building a new home.  Has a class 1 fire rating, embedded fungicides to fight mold and insects.  Provides
the best sound control of all insulations.  Greenest of all Insulations!

* Bio-Based Polyurethane Foam.  Spray applied foam that achieves a very high R-Value.  Some applications
for foam are: new and existing home construction, commercial/industrial buildings, roof coatings and many other
applications where conventional insulation just doesn’t work.

* Proper Equipment Sizing and Increased Indoor Air Quality. The rule of thumb that every 500 square feet
you need a ton of Heating and Cooling is not accurate when using a premium insulation.   We use a computer
program in house to properly size the heating and cooling based on window types, insulation, orientation of the
home etc.... If you spend more on insulation the smaller equipment offsets the increased cost of using better
insulation and windows.                

* HERS Rater or Energy Star Rater.   If wanting to build an Energy Star Home or qualify for the Government
Tax Credit program for builders we are the ones that come out and perform the proper testing and fill out the
appropriate paperwork.  Helping Builders go green without the burden of higher cost!

* Blower Door and Duct Blasting Testing.  Specialized equipment that test the homes tightness and the
tightness of the installed duct work.  Both necessary to achieve Energy Star status or to qualify for the tax credit
from the government of  $2,000 per home.

* Guaranteed Heating and Cooling Costs.  Ask us how we can Guarantee the monthly utility bills through the
Advanced Thermal Concepts, LLC Guaranteed Heating and Cooling

For information about how you can build a more -comfortable and energy efficient homes and buildings without
raising building costs give Eric a call at
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