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The most energy efficient,
enviromentally-friendly, closed-cell spray
in place polyurethane foam insulation
system available.  Formulated from
renewable agricultural resources.

InsulStar® closed-cell, spray-in-place
insulation retards both thermal and
moisture transmission. A special mold
and mildew inhibitor* provides important
extra protection.

It stops airflow into and out of your
home and keeps dust and pollen out for
a more comfortable environment. In
most cases a separate vapor barrier is
not necessary.

InsulStar® insulation is applied using a
proprietary new,
environmentally-friendly blowing agent.
Density(normal) = 2.0 lb./ft
Closed cell content =
greater than 90%
R-value = 7 per inch thickness

FEMA Class 4 Flood-Resistant Material
Density(normal): 0.5 lb./ft3
R-value: 13 @ 3.5-inch thickness*
A water-blown, economical alternative to
high performance, closed-cell spray foam

SEALITE™ is a basic open-cell, spray-in-
place soft foam insulation. It can be
compared to Icynene ®, SealectionTM 500
and other light-density, open-cell products.

SEALITE™ insulation provides a partial
airflow barrier and keeps dust and pollen
out for a more comfortable environment. A
separate vapor barrier will often be

SEALITE™ will not settle, shrink or
deteriorate and maintains its R-value and
sound reduction qualities within close
tolerances over the life of your home.

SEALITE™ offers equivalent R-values to
fiberglass batting and other open-celled
foam insulations. Exterior wall thicknesses
needed to achieve required R-values are the
same as for these other insulation material.
Applegate Insulation is sprayed or blown into walls, attics and floors,
conforming to your home and surrounding you and your family with a
complete, seamless insulation system. Installing Applegate Insulation in
new homes is one of the best decisions you can make for your family.

Superior attic insulation for your new home. Applegate cellulose
insulation forms a seamless blanket of natural fibers that provide
outstanding protection year round. Best of all, on the hottest and
coldest days, (when you need it most) Applegate won't lose its
effective R-value like traditional insulations.

Applegate in the walls—a difference you will see, feel, and enjoy. Walls
are fully and tightly insulated, forming a monolithic thermal and
acoustical barrier. No more gaps. No more voids. No more drafts. Just
years of comfort. With higher Effective R Value we can save our
customers up to 40% on heating and cooling costs.