The truth about R-Value!
What R-Value should I have in my house?
How much insulation you have in your home will vary
based on what type of climate you live in, the
construction of your home, what heating equipment
you are using and what type of fuel your heating
system uses. The U.S. Department of Energy has put
together some
recommendations for minimum
R-values based on where you live in the United States.

R-Value is a laboratory measurement that measures
conduction, but it does not effectively measure the
other two methods of heat transfer: convection and
radiation. So R-Value is only telling 1/3 of the story of
how well your home will be insulated in real world
Conduction is the transfer of heat through a solid material, such as
heat being transferred from warmer sections of walls and ceilings to
cooler areas.
Convection is the transfer of heat by moving air, like warm air rising
to the ceiling or a cold wind blowing against the house and pulling out
the heat.
Radiation is the transfer of heat in the form of electromagnetic waves,
such as heat from the sun causing our houses to heat up during the
summer months leading to a hot upstairs and higher utility costs for
the month.
The truth is…not all insulations effectively combat all three kinds of
heat transfer...
You need insulation that will protect your home against all three kinds
of heat transfer! You need Applegate! Effective R-value is not about
a label-it's about performance. In a
study by the University of
Colorado of Architecture and Planning
found that cellulose
insulations like Applegate perform as much as 38% better than
traditional insulation. 38% better!
Warmer in the winter
Cooler in the Summer
Cellulose insulation working when you need it the most! As it gets colder or
warmer outside the cellulose performs much better than fiberglass!
Comfort you can feel...
Cellulose insulation filling the entire cavity. Giving the homeowner more for their money!
Sound Control
Conventionally insulated
structures easily transmit sharp
sounds that
may disrupt your overall comfort.
Cellulose products subdue sounds
by the increased mass of the
system. Advanced Thermal
Concepts can install Applegate
Cellulose insulation
systems to quiet the sound in
laundry rooms, mechanical rooms,
family rooms and walls containing
noisy waste water pipes.