Regardless of when your home was built, you could be
wasteing money every month on your utility bills!  It is never
too late for you and your family to take advantages of having a
well insulated home!

Attics are usually a good place to start.  Many times the attic is
the biggest source of eat loss/gain.  The most common
approach is to insulate with Applegate Cellulose Insulation.  
The cellulose is blown on top of existing insulation capping and
filling any voids and gaps in the convential insulation.

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratories found that
capping loose-fill fiberglass insulation with Applegate not only
adds R-value, it actually restores the effective R-value that
fiberglass insulation loses during cold weather. Researchers
also learned that capping fiberglass with more fiberglass "fails to
restore the lost R-value" lost in winter conditions.
Walls,  while the process of adding Applegate Cellulose to the walls of
existing buildings is a little more complicated, many homeowners of
existing homes will benefit with blown cellulose in the walls. A simple,
quick inspection by one of our insulation professionals is all that is
needed to determine whether your home would benefit from additional
wall insulation.
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Doors and Windows are always good
places to cut back the air infiltration.
Installation of gaskets, rubber
stripping, caulking, etc seals doors and
windows much tighter.